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My blog has been hacked

I have neglected my blog over the past several years to the point that I entirely stopped checking it out. Today I found out that my negligence cost me dearly. Someone has guessed the weak administrative password I used and posted several blog posts with outrageous content. I deleted it and would like to apologize to my readers for what happened. I want you to know that it was not me posting tips on how to ‘cheat with your school essay’. :-) My life as usual revolves around computers, programming, and online deals.

Random bargain news, stuff we like

Cheap Rechargeable AA Batteries

MyTwoDollars suggests replacing your regular AA batteries with the rechargeable kind. With prices under $1.00 per battery — why not? It is good for your wallet and good for environment! More about saving environment in my next posts…

They Are Beautiful

Do you want to impress your dear one with beautiful flowers and not spend a dime? Forget, try this site out. It sure did the trick for me. The site is amazingly simple to use and the flowers are just gorgeous. By the way, the startup is ran by two ex-Microsoft designers who left the company where people “live in text editors all day long”. :-)

Amazon Grocery Delivery

The news spilled earlier this month that Amazon is testing waters with grocery home delivery service. TechCrunch even posted a few shots of the delivery trucks spotted in the wild. The service is currently in trial in two cities on the West cost. For those of us from the other side of the country, PeaPod has been doing it for quite a while.

Free Blog Hosts

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Mashable has collected a long list of free blog hosting platforms. Grab one here and blog away! I will personally add that if you are really serious about testing blogging waters, make sure your host supports custom domain names. It would be sad to have you all type in “” in the browser. ;-)

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