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Visual shopping at Amazon with JungleCrazy

I already wrote about how easy it is to filter out discounted merchandise on Amazon. I even built a collection of links for discount shopping at Amazon myself.

The folks who brought us BugMeNot and RetailMeNot have gone one step further. JungleCrazy is a new visual shopping tool for bargain hunting at Amazon.

It is very nicely designed and is very easy to use. You either search the merchandise by description or browse using tags. It also sounds like the tool attempts to detect what is popular and brings those items to the top of the list. All listed merchandise is at least 70% off the original price.


There is some really cool stuff out there. Check out for example this 13 function Swiss type knife for $2.99 (no, it is not the original Swiss Army knife, but it looks very close) or this 5-pack of DVD-R blanks for just $1.99.

Of course you have to see what shipping charges are and always take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping promotion on orders over $25 (when available). In either case JungleCrazy looks like a much nicer way to hunt for bargains on Amazon than hacking URL’s. :-)

Source: The Backdoor to Amazon’s 70% off deals at WiseBread

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