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Handipoints — reward your kids for doing chores

I have two kids, 7 and 4 years old. They are very lovely boy and girl, most of the time. ;-) However there are moments when I feel like I am not doing enough to have them grow into responsible adults. These are the moments when it is time for them to do their home chores. The issue comes every single time, especially with the oldest who went to her first grade last fall and is now bringing homework from school.

Handipoints is a brand new website aiming to help the parents like myself with taming their children. The idea is very simple and will work with 4-13 year olds. Kids do chores, record their progress online, get points, and after reaching certain amount can exchange the points for rewards, merchandise that parents buy from the website or things like “going to movies” and “staying up 1 hour past bedtime”.


I gave it a test run tonight — signing up was easy and the interface is quite intuitive. I am not sure my youngest will get it but my daughter is certainly ready for the experiment. She is already mastering Google and numerous online games, Handipoints will be a good starting point for her to learn the basics of online task management.

Do you have children? How do you teach them responsibility? What kind of rewards do you use?

Source: Kids do chores, earn points and redeem for prizes at MakeYouGoHmm

Children See, Children Do

This is a short video clip that you absolutely must watch. It has left a huge impression on me since I am a father of two.

NAPCAN, Australia’s National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, launched a thought-provoking television/cinema campaign this year with “Children See, Children Do”.

Just an interesting fact: no children filmed in the clip did actually take part in the acts of violence.

The domestic violence had adults and children filmed separately then placed together in post produciton. The girl with the cigarette had her cigarette and smoke added to her shot in post production.

More at Children See Children Do from NAPCAN (via Dumb Little Man)

Sub $100 Laptop – Impossible?

One Laptop Per Child is the name of the program that aims at building a $100 laptop. The design is done by MIT Media Laboratory while Taiwan based Quanta Computers will do manufacturing. The initiative is currently aimed at third world countries and educational uses.

The laptop runs on a 366 Mhz AMD processor, Linux OS, and has a 802.11b/g wireless chipset which enables browsing internet and running web applications. The latter is especially important since the laptop doesn’t have a hard drive and goes about with 512MB flash memory.

IDG News reports that the first laptops will roll off production lines by the end of this year.

The company expects to ship 5 million to 10 million of the laptops next year, and said orders to Argentina, Brazil, Libya, Nigeria, and Thailand have already been confirmed.

While the first laptops will certainly go to schools in Africa and South America I fully expect to see them in Sharper Image, Discovery and Kids-R-Us stores here in the US once the production kicks in at full capacity. This is also inevitably going to affect prices on all lower end laptops including brands like Dell and HP.

So, a sub- $100 laptop sometime next year, why not?


Read more about One Laptop Per Child program at their web site

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