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Disabling Virtual Assistant on Citibank website

citibank-virtual-assistantEvery time I log into my Citibank account I get two pop us: Chat and Virtual Assistant. They take room on my browser, they slow it down, and they are simply a distraction. I have not found so far a way to turn them off.

I contacted Citibank customer service and received back a very vague response, which to me says they don’t know how to do it. Here is the full text (below), enjoy the typical corporate outsourced language. ;-) And if you use Citibank and know how to turn these annoying pop ups off please let me know in the comments.

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Long Line at Citibank

Stumbled upon a funny discussion late last night on FatWallet forums and can’t help post it here. Citibank is where I have my savings and so the title certainly caught my eye.

So I went to my local citibank branch to deposit my $100 pay check (thats righ baby, $100, read it and weep) and there was like 3 people in line in front of me to get to the teller. I promptly withdrawed all $400 of my money at Citibank as obviously they are about to go under. I am contemplating burying the money in my backyard and then creating a secret treasure map that I will keep underneath my pillow. Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to create a pirate like treasure map? What about where to buy high quality booby traps to guard said money (under $400 would be best)? I looked through hot deals but did not see any booby trap deals.

Without question this thread is sparked by the recent IndyMac failure and it would have been funny if the whole store wasn’t so sad.

Are your short term savings in FDIC insured accounts? How concerned are you about the financial situation in the US and possible future bank failures?

Source: Long Line at Citibank at FatWallet forums

$100 after $250 in purchases with Citi Professional

Update 09/13: Citibank has discontinued this promotion. You can find more sign up offers like this one here

Citi $100 gift card offerCredit cards are my passion, I don’t seem to miss a single decent offer. They save me money (cash back rewards and 0% balance offers), they offer convenience (not having to deal with cash), some provide extra warranty and insurance coverage. I use credit cards a lot!

I have spent some time today to examine all on-going credit card promotions and this $100 gift card from Citi looks like the hottest deal out there (excluding probably just the last offer from AmEx which I was told is expiring this week). Let’s take a closer look at what this card is worth.

Citi Professional Card with ThankYou network (offer link)

  • $100 gift card after $250 in purchases (promotion!)
  • 3 ThankYou Points for every dollar you spend at restaurants, gas stations, on auto rentals and certain office supply merchants
  • 1 ThankYou Point on every other dollar spent

$100 sounds very tempting. Let’s see if I miss anything on the rewards part should I switch to this card permanently. I think any cash back card offering same rewards is superior to a ThankYou card because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of converting points to the things you need. Here for comparison are 3 popular cash back cards from Citibank. (this promotion has expired)

Alternative cards

Citi Professional Cash CardCiti Professional Cash Card (offer link)

  • 3% cash back on purchases at restaurants, gas stations, on auto rentals & at certain office supply merchants.
  • 1% on all other purchases

This card is identical to the one above except you miss on the promotion bonus ($100 gift card) but will be getting cash instead of ThankYou points (ThankYou points are rewards points that you can exchange for merchandise or for gift cards from participating merchants at ThankYouNetwork).

Citi Cash Returns CardCiti CashReturns Card (offer link)

  • First 3 months: 5% on all purchases
  • Thereafter: 1% on all purchases after

Straight 5% for 3 months sounds like a good deal. This would be the card of my choice if I expected a lot of upcoming expenses. For example airline tickets for my trip to Ukraine for the entire family were around $5000 which means I would get $250 right there. Otherwise, I would not sign up to this card. 3 months is too little time to rip the benefits. (this promotion has expired)

Citi Divident Platinum SelectCiti Divident Platinum Select (offer link)

  • First 6 months: 5% cash back at gas stations, supermarkets and drug stores, convenience stores, and utilities including cable. 1% on all other purchases
  • Thereafter: 2% cash back at gas stations, supermarkets and drug stores, convenience stores, and utilities including cable. 1% on all other purchases

I currently have this card. For the first 6 months it offered very good cash back rate but after 6 months were over I had to switch to Chase Freedom which offers 3% on similar spending categories plus each time you collect $200 in rewards account, Chase will add $50 which effectively increases your cashback rate from 3% to 3.75%. (this promotion has expired)


Citi Professional with ThankYou network is designed for professionals with significant auto rental and office supply expenses. If it wasn’t for the $100 gift card bonus I would suggest Citi Professional Cash Card instead since it offers the same rewards but in cash.

For us, the average folks with full time jobs, I recommend Chase Freedom. The cashback rate is slightly higher (read above) and rewards categories are a better fit. By the way, it comes with a signup bonus as well, although currently only $50.

$100 Ultimate Savings account bonus at Citibank

If you have never had a deposit account with Citibank then you might be eligible for this promotion Citibank is running through August 31, 2007. Open Ultimate Savings Account, enter promotion code CSLN, and receive a $100 bonus within 90 days of your first statement.

Citibank has actually just sweetened this deal from $50 to $100 so if you see any mentioning of a $50 bonus — old news. Also, 4.75% APY seems to be a pretty good deal by itself compared to these other options.

You can open your account online (link) or by this number 1-877-695-9400. I called the customer representative at this number and she confirmed the offer. However I am already a Citibank customer and so I was not eligible.

If you do go ahead and open an account, please tell me about your experience in the comments.

Citibank Ultimate Savings Promotion

Credit Card Cash Back Offers

CitiCardEver since Citibank has discontinued (or rather downgraded) their Platinum Dividend Master Card program (which used to give me 5% cash back on gas and groceries) I have been looking for alternatives. A couple of credit card offers recently surfaced in FatWallet finance forums that look very interesting.

  • Citi AMEX Diamond Preferred Rewards Card

    What is the deal? You get 10,000 Thank You Points after your first purchase, a 0% balance transfer until December of 2007, and 5 Thank You Points per dollar spent at supermarkets, gas stations, etc for 12 months.

    100 Thank You Points is an equivalent of $1 that you can spend at the merchants participating in ThankYou network.

    To sign up go to citicards signup page and enter code F1M3 or call 800-601-8595. More details available here.

  • Chase PerfectCard MasterCard

    What do you get? 5,000 Points after your first purchase. 3 Points per dollar spent at gas stations and 1 Point on everything else. A 0% balance transfer is also available (balance transfer fee applies).

    100 Points is an equivalent of $1. The points are redeemable by cash or gift card when your cash back balance reaches $25 equivalent.

    To apply, call 877-506-3455 by November 30 and mention offer code: RZN. Read the offer discussion here.

The first offer looks more attractive to me but if you don’t like the idea of having to deal with the Thank You network — the second offer may work for you better.

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