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Daily Deal Site – Deals2Buy Review

Having decided to review any heavily popular deal site, I used Yan’s recent update of popular deal sites to find the website I want to review. Wanting to review site among the top 10 in the list, a quick peruse of the list showed a weird number there, Deals2Buy which is in the 4th position has a Google rank of just 3, while every website in the top 10 has a Google rank of 5 or 6. To be more specific, except for every other site in the top five has a Google rank of 6. Hunting for a reason, my best guess was that was the only site without a forum while every other site in top 10 had a “forum”. It’s well known that Google ranks sites better for “original”/”new” content while penalizes for duplicate content. Given these reasons, I found it really impressive that could be at the top 4th position, taking Amazon ranks at its face value. Forums for sure attract committed/dedicated users and can drive traffic really up. But with no forum nor any personalized feature (features requiring users to signup), driving traffic really requires something else. So here goes my review about

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Before beginning to review lets list some items we would like to see in a daily deal website:

  • Quickly be able to see the hottest deals for the day
  • Provide methods to view deals selectively
  • Every deal listed is expected to be best possible
  • All possible rebates, coupons etc need to be clearly mentioned along with exact steps to make sure the deal is secured
  • Methods to alert interested users about deals

Deals2Buy has a plain simple look to its home page (may be I should write Web 1.0 look) listing all the deals for the day paginated. Right above the list of deals there are options to sort the deals by clicking on links. However there is no mention whether the links are to sort or filter. I indeed expected it to be a filtering link, while it sorted. Sorting can be done based on whether tech deals appear on top or bottom, price, deals with no mail-in-rebates on top, category, merchant. Added to the set of links meant to sort is a link titled “text version”, which takes to a light weight version (only loads one liners for each deal and on clicking of an icon expands to load that particular deal from the server). The box which carries these links carries an image with the text “hot deals” on it. Clicking on it just resets the sorting you set (takes you to the home page), which was not the action I expected to happen. Could have just not made it a link!

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