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Holiday Deals from American Express


American Express Holiday Wishlist was a big thing back in 2007 and in 2006 when I last time participated. Last year was a disappointment as I couldn’t get on any of the deals - the quantities were so limited and the offers would sell out in seconds. Let’s see if this time is going to be different.

It is worth to note that American Express has now turned the Wishlist into a year around enterprise but the variety and quantities increase as the holidays approach and so in theory the chances of getting anything should improve (unless the demand increases proportionally). Below is the schedule for the current week. In addition to these, there is a few secondary smaller offers plus some not so great promotions that you can take part in at any time (‘Shop Anytime’ section):

Tuesday, Nov 24

  • $100 American Express Gift Card for $50.00 (Total Qty: 75)
  • $250 Back When You Spend $500 or More at (Total Qty: 100)

Wednesday, Nov 25

  • $100 Charity Certificate to GivingExpress for $50.00 (Total Qty: 30)

Friday Nov 27

  • $100 Back When You Spend $200 Or More at Walmart (Total Qty: 500)
  • $75 Off When You Spend $150 or More PUMA Online Shop (Total Qty: 200)
  • Nintendo Wii Gaming Console for $119.00 (Total Qty: 150)

Monday Nov 30

  • 2010 BMW 328i for $16,838.00 (Total Qty: 3)
  • $100 Back When You Spend $200 or More at (Total Qty: 200)
  • Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 Netbook for $199.00 (Total Qty: 100)

Tuesday Dec 01

  • Samsung 46” LED 1080p HDTV for $999.00 (Total Qty: 100)
  • LG Home Theatre System LHB953 for $239.00 (Total Qty: 150)
  • 50% off FedEx (Total Qty: 700)

Wednesday Dec 02

  • Spend $200 Or More at Target and Get $100 Back (Total Qty: 500)
  • Dell Studio XPS 8000 Desktop w/ Monitor for $1099 (Total Qty: 100)
  • $200 Back When You Spend $500 or More at Best Buy (Total Qty: 125)

Holiday Deals from American Express

Just like last year, American Express is running Holiday Wish List featuring several products daily between November 27 and December 12 with an ultimate giveaway on December 13. The giveaway prizes are 2008 Volvo C-30 and C-70 cars. There is also a smaller giveaway on December 5 for a private flight on JetBlue Airwaves.

Notable other offers include a Dell notebook on Monday for $900, a BMD K 1200 R bike for $5000 on Tuesday, and my favorite, two around the world tickets for $3000 on December 12. You do need an American Express card to participate. There is a limit of one product per merchant, per day and 4 wish certificates per household during the entire program period.

American Express Wish List 2007

Besides the main sale, American Express is offering a long list of coupons and promotions which is very similar to what you can find all year long from AmEx, Visa and Mastercard using the links at the end of this post.

FatWallet has a long thread discussing the promotion. Everyone is wondering why Amazon gift cards are not offered like they were last year. Maybe it is because Amazon now has a show of their own? ;-)

169 Chances to Win a Game Console [EXPIRED]

Update 09/01/10: This list is expired and the products in it are no longer offered.

This is an opportunity for you try your lucky hand at winning a game console this holiday season. If you enter every contest you have 169 total chances to win! Click the links below and follow the instructions.

Some just have a form for you to fill out…

…while others have some sort of a catch

As you register make sure to use your spam resistant e-mail address since these giveaways are often followed with a flood of promotional emails.

Do you know any other holiday promotions? Post them in your comments.

Update 12/11: added the Opera contest
Update 12/12: added Tetradex

Holiday Deals from American Express

You might want to check this out. American Express has been running their annual Holiday Wish List which features 3 product sales at 12pm, 3pm, and 7pm (Eastern Time) every day between November 28 and December 14. The web site is a very neatly designed flash application. Even if you are not buying anything it is worth to take a look.

They will offer 500 of Microsoft Zune MP3 players for $125 each on Thursday, a bunch of cruise packages for 1/5 of their regular price on Friday, and a new Porsche Cayman Coupe (actually 3 of them for $5000 each) on Monday. You do need an American Express card to participate. The complete list of products for sale is available here.

American Express Wish List

Besides to the main sale items you can also try your luck at some free stuff like gift cards and discount coupons. The chances are probably slim but the way they have done it is a lot of fun.

FatWallet already has 58 pages long thread with people discussing who has what in their wish list. I don’t know about you but I kind of like that red car. ;-)

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