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Pushing 150,000 miles on my Accord

The car I use for my daily commute is nothing like the shiny new crossover SUI we have for the family trips. It is a 10 year old 6 cylinder Honda Accord ‘98 with nearly 150,000 miles on it.

The Accord is nothing unique and hardly individual but its dependability is why I bought it and overall I am quite happy. This however is very subjective and I figured I will ask your judgment. I will list all the repairs I had over the 6 years I have owned the car and will ask your opinion - did I get a good deal when I paid 15K for it in 2001?

  • Today, had PO401 check engine code and got diagnosed clogged EGR intake ports. The diagnosis and repairs will cost $353.35 plus tax at the local FireStone.
  • Replaced all break pads and one set of rotors at 125K miles - $398.20 plus tax at Midas
  • Replaced alternator at 110K miles - $432.25 plus tax at local Honda dealership
  • Replaced canister vent shut valve after an OBD code came out at 100K miles - $220 plus tax at the Honda dealership
  • Changed tires at 100K miles - $318 plus tax at Discount Tire
  • Replaced water pump and timing belt at 95K miles which wasn’t cheap either but all the ‘experts’ don’t recommend skimping on this
  • Replaced all break pads and rotors at 80K - $558.22 plus tax at Midas
  • Replaced complete drivers seat after the base got loose at 54K miles - free (due to recall) at the Honda dealership
  • Regular oil changes every 5K miles and tire rotations every other oil change (every 10K miles) plus changed the transmission oil a couple times.

I was a bit upset by todays expenses but after a bit of research found out that EGR valve is a usual problem with this year model and would be a warranty repair if I had it before 80K miles. A much greater concern is the transmission problems which other owners have reported. So far, no problems yet but I hear this can end up being a $3000 expense.

Also, since almost all my miles are on the highway with very few street lights, I am getting around 25 miles per gallon consistently. This is acceptable mileage at the current gas price but when the plug-in hybrids go mainstream I may well trade my Accord for one

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