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Parking on Fifth Avenue? Don’t even think!

Just came back from a short trip to NYC (my first time to the city). Caught this funny scene on Fifth Avenue the day we were returning back to Chicago.


Police have a very strange way of moving around the city in big groups. This one had around 100 cars and filled entire city block!

The sign says: “No standing any time. Don’t even THINK of parking here”.

Long Line at Citibank

Stumbled upon a funny discussion late last night on FatWallet forums and can’t help post it here. Citibank is where I have my savings and so the title certainly caught my eye.

So I went to my local citibank branch to deposit my $100 pay check (thats righ baby, $100, read it and weep) and there was like 3 people in line in front of me to get to the teller. I promptly withdrawed all $400 of my money at Citibank as obviously they are about to go under. I am contemplating burying the money in my backyard and then creating a secret treasure map that I will keep underneath my pillow. Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to create a pirate like treasure map? What about where to buy high quality booby traps to guard said money (under $400 would be best)? I looked through hot deals but did not see any booby trap deals.

Without question this thread is sparked by the recent IndyMac failure and it would have been funny if the whole store wasn’t so sad.

Are your short term savings in FDIC insured accounts? How concerned are you about the financial situation in the US and possible future bank failures?

Source: Long Line at Citibank at FatWallet forums

Free Divorce Party with purchase of Bachelor Party

It is boring here in San Jose, CA since I only have time to get out by night after my classes are over. Thanks there is Internet in my hotel room!

I scavenged over the deals forums tonight and this thread somewhat brightened my day. I don’t think I have seen anything quite like this before. The only deal that could probably challenge it is these Bush condoms “for schmucks that won’t pull out”. :-)

Certain restrictions apply but overall I would say it is quite hot!

Divorce must be finalized within six months of legal marriage. Valid only to previous clients who have had their bachelor party with Montreal VIP. Client must present official legal proof of divorce and marriage in order to claim their free divorce party. Size of free divorce party must be equal to or smaller than previous bachelor party. Void where prohibited.

Source: Free divorce party w/ purchase of bachelor party (via FW)

A bargain with crunch

People do a lot of strange things for money. You don’t have to go far – turn on TV and watch the highly popular Fear Factor series. What does it have to do with bargain hunting? Read on. First you have to take this test though. What do you feel reading the following:

I reached into the writhing bowl to pick one, a male – based on the two horns on his head when I stared at him face to face. And then there was a pause. Light reflected off his brown and yellow back. His black legs gently kicked forward.
The first, lightning-fast bite was like tearing into a prune, with a similar chewy texture.
The second bite burst out the insides, which had a gooey consistency a little like jelly.
There was no movement after the initial crunch.
The most difficult part was grinding down the exoskeleton, which flaked apart between the molars but didn’t want to dissolve. It was a little like trying to chew several peanuts still in their shells.
A minute or so later, the cockroach was ground down to a grainy paste suitable for successful swallowing.
But there were still a few tiny shell fragments left trying to get between my teeth.

How did it go? Not sure yet? Watch this clip then:

Well by now you should have a pretty good idea what to expect should you take on the Six Flags Great America cockroach challenge. The theme park is giving anyone who eats an entire 2-3 inch Madagascar Cockroach four passes to cut to the front of ride lines through October 29th.

No, this is not a joke… Now off to get the deal while supplies last! ;-)

Read more here for extended pleasure.

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