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Long Line at Citibank

Stumbled upon a funny discussion late last night on FatWallet forums and can’t help post it here. Citibank is where I have my savings and so the title certainly caught my eye.

So I went to my local citibank branch to deposit my $100 pay check (thats righ baby, $100, read it and weep) and there was like 3 people in line in front of me to get to the teller. I promptly withdrawed all $400 of my money at Citibank as obviously they are about to go under. I am contemplating burying the money in my backyard and then creating a secret treasure map that I will keep underneath my pillow. Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to create a pirate like treasure map? What about where to buy high quality booby traps to guard said money (under $400 would be best)? I looked through hot deals but did not see any booby trap deals.

Without question this thread is sparked by the recent IndyMac failure and it would have been funny if the whole store wasn’t so sad.

Are your short term savings in FDIC insured accounts? How concerned are you about the financial situation in the US and possible future bank failures?

Source: Long Line at Citibank at FatWallet forums

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