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Keep all your rewards cards in your iPhone

Membership and rewards cards stuffing my wallet have always been a problem for me. In the old days (before iPhone) you could help the problem by printing the bar codes on a single card and using that one card in the stores. Now as the smart phones have become so much more intelligent, there is an even more elegant solution.

Please enjoy CardStar, an iPhone application that lets you enter all your membership and rewards cards into your phone and display them at checkout when you need them! I don’t have an iPhone to try it but judging by the screen shots I already love this little app. I wish there was something similar in Android Marketplace so I could use it on my G1.

By the way, the app is currently free (regular price is $0.99).

The cheaper 3G iPhone actually costs more!

$399 - $199 = -$160

iphone 2g iphone 3g

This is a perfect example of how marketing works magics with numbers. You probably heard that Apple is releasing a new version of their popular phone. The support for 3G and built in GPS are the major upgrades. The cool part is that the phone will cost you $200 less, if you trust the PR nerds from Apple.

Don’t get fooled by this marketing trick. If you calculate the true cost to own of 3G and 2G iPhone, you will find that the “cheaper” new version will end up being $160 more expensive over the period of 2 year contract, now mandatory with the phone purchase. This of course doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one. ;-)

Source: iPhone 3G’s True Price Compared at Gizmodo (via Digg)

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