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What do you want to do in life?

It’s been a couple weeks since I am back home from my trip and I should tell you it is a great feeling! I finally got to read the news, browse online forums and listen to pod-casts - things I was for the most part deprived off while traveling.

I have been lately thinking a lot about what I want to do in life and I gradually come to a conclusion that working for an employer is not mine. There are really several reasons. One is that I am a very opinionated person and if I feel something is right or wrong it takes a good effort for anyone to convince me otherwise. I have been known for starting arguments in email groups and keeping the flame up long after everyone has lost interest. This makes it hard to survive in a team with another strong personality - my boss. Secondly, I feel that working as an employee I give the best of me to the company and what I get in return is the paycheck, a temporary monetary reward which (after the basic needs are satisfied) is very easy to waste on stuff I don’t really need. It takes huge self discipline to put aside some of it for retirement but the main problem is, there are really not many options as far as choosing where to invest.
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How will expensive energy affect our life?

Two big carsWith the oil prices going up I have been picking up a lot of discussions lately about what future holds for us in regards to our lifestyle.

While driving less might still be inevitable, I tend to think the technology will solve this puzzle one way or another and we will not follow the footsteps of Roman Empire (yeah, some folks believe it collapsed because of energy crisis).

Entrepreneurs are working hard to save our “American dream” and I have already seen a super efficient car and electric motorbike. Of course personal transportation is just one side of our life affected by rising energy costs and changing our cars is just a band aid where we need a surgery.

There is a hope though. I heard on NPR today that an average California resident is 50% more energy efficient than the rest of the nation. I am sure mild Californian climate is partially at blame but I was still surprised to find how much we could save even with the current technology by simply restructuring the way we do business.

The big question is however will we be able to do it fast enough to soften the effect of raising energy costs, and if not, how much of our current lifestyle will we have to sacrifice. What do you think?

The image is courtesy of… me, and you will never guess where I took it. It is parking lot of a local community college. Poor students! ;-)

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