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SEO services from Google

You might already heard the big news, Google just completed Performics acquisition after they finally obtained the EU approval. What you might not have heard yet is that now along with Performics the affiliate network Google also owns Performics the SEO consulting company which offers various services to improve your website search result rankings on… Google. More from Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land.

RetailMeNot to launch social network

I just received a note from a PR company RetailMeNot hired to promote this event. I am not allowed to share the details but in a nutshell it is a social-shopping network for coupon-conscious shoppers which expands on the community currently built around coupon ranking services and the forums offered by the coupon site. I am beta-testing the interface and will try to make a short write up when it publicly launches on March 17.

New price tracking site - PricePinx

PricePinx is a new price tracking site that launched recently. The concept is similar to PriceProtectr however it was implemented using a bookmarklet (PriceProtectr has just recently added a browser plugin). The usage is pretty simple: browse to the product page, highlight the price, click on the !pinx button and enter your email. If the price drops you will receive an alert. Very useful if the merchant you shop at offers a price guarantee, or if you just want to keep an eye on a product.

New deal aggregator - Combyo

I have been exchanging emails with Pinaki who coded the website in his spare time and will sure write about it in more details later this month. Meanwhile visit it at and let me know if there is any particular aspect of it that you want me to pay attention to in my future review.

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