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Christmas shipping deadlines

Need that gift shipped by Christmas Eve this year? Unless the retailer has a store in your local area, today and tomorrow might be your only chance to order using standard (economy) shipping. Comes next week and express shipping becomes your only option.

Here are details on the stores I use most often. For more merchants and details go to shipping deadlines at DealNews or DealHack.

Standard Express
Amazon December 17 December 20
Best Buy December 20 December 20 December 16 December 19
CircuitCity December 11 December 20
CompUSA December 11 December 19
NewEgg December 18 December 19
OfficeDepot December 21 December 21
Staples December 21 December 21
TigerDirect December 11 December 18

Compare your shipping options with RedRoller

Price comparison websites are the best bargain hunter’s friend. I reviewed horizontal comparison engines in the past (those that compare prices on anything you buy online) however there are so many more vertical websites that focus on a narrow market niche (real estate, air fares, hotel rates - just to name a few). This is my first attempt to review one of them. Expect more reviews like this in the future.

So what is RedRoller? The best way to describe RedRoller is to say that it does for shipping packages what Orbitz and Travelocity do for travel. You enter where you are and what you want to ship and RedRoller will list your available shipping options along with the rates and estimated delivery times.


These carriers are covered: USPS, DHL, Eastern Connection and Overnite Express. UPS is not in the list and I cannot find FedEx despite the fact that it was mentioned when the service launched in June this year. International shipping is not supported either however the company has plans to add it in future.

RedRoller is pleased to announce that international shipping capabilities will be available shortly. We appreciate the many hundreds of comments from our users on this important functionality, which we are targeting for later this year.

Registration is free and there is no upfront cost or monthly fee (compare this to what PitneyWorks charges a month for their mailstation). After you choose the carrier and the type of service you want you can print the shipping label and arrange for package pickup — all from your RedRoller account.

RedRoller accepts major credit cards and PayPal as a payment and reportedly earns revenue through affiliated marketing and advertising. However I couldn’t find any advertising on the pages which is a little strange.

If you ship to the same people most of the time then you will find useful the integrated address book. Do you often sell things from eBay?

RedRoller can automatically synchronize your eBay auction(s) status and history. You will then be able to quickly and easily ship your sold eBay items directly from RedRoller!

All your past shipments are stored and you can track the delivery status of each and print an expense report from the Tools section of your account. You can even sign up for an email alert to notify you when your packages get delivered.


The absence of UPS and FedEx seriously limits the value of this service for power users however if you are as cheap as myself and rarely use anything but USPS then you will appreciate the helping hand RedRoller offers at figuring out what shipping options work the best in each particular case.

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