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Sony Rewards “canned deal” – spend $500 get $100

Deal in a can from Sony RewardsToday I received a strange package in mail. It was a can, very much like a regular aluminum can for soda drinks but inside it had an offer from Sony Rewards program. This is the first time I receive a promotional material in a can so not surprisingly it got my attention.

In that “canned” offer the folks from Sony Rewards suggest to register my Sony Credit card at, spend $500 before March 31, 2008 and receive 10,000 bonus points. This is not all the fun though. After I receive my 10,000 points I can spend $300 more from April through June and receive one companion voucher for a round trip US flight - free with a purchase of an adult ticket (more details here).

The tickets have to be purchased in advance from Lifestyle Vacation Incentives a Sony partner in this promotion, so my guess the prices will probably not be all that low, however even w/o the ticket 10,000 points in rewards for spending $500 on stuff you would buy anyway is probably worth it. Sony claims that 10,000 is worth $100. Just to get a better idea, 10,000 points will buy you a home stereo like this or a 2GB video MP3 player like this from the Sony Rewards online shop.

I quickly checked my Sony Card records and have found that I canceled all of the cards I had, otherwise I would probably give this deal a shot. If you have not got rid of your Sony Card like I did though, I suggest you to visit the website above and take a look at this promotion. Sounds like a pretty hot deal to me!

Get $150 after first purchase with Sony Card

Sony CardThis offer from Sony will make a great Christmas gift for my “budget-cautious-self”. I have already signed up for it two times in the past and will do it this time around. What is it? It is a credit card from Sony. You apply for it, make one purchase, and get a $150 bonus in a few weeks (the amount is credited directly to your new card). That is all. The last two promotions were for $100. It looks like Sony has sweetened the deal this time around.

There is no sign-up fee, no annual fee, and you don’t have to keep the card once you get and spend the $150 (although I should say it is not a bad cash back card overall — you get 1% back on regular purchases, 3% on all Sony products, and 5% on anything you spend at the Sony online store).

Offer expires March 31st, 2007. Your first purchase must be made by June 30, 2007. An added benefit until January 4, 2007 — get 10% back on your purchases at the Sony online store (instead of the usual 5%). Read more about this offer here.

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