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HD DVD is not a bargain

HD DVD is deadIt is all over the news today, Toshiba announced it will stop producing and marketing HD DVD players which essentially means the end of DVD-format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD.

It is good for Sony and its investors, the Sony stock was up 4.73% today on the news. What does it mean for the ordinary consumers and poor folks who own one of those Toshiba players?

Wal-mart announced last Friday they will not carry the product any longer. Other merchants will likely slash down the prices on HD DVD movies and players trying to clear the inventory. I already see it happen. Most of the High Definition DVD deals I posted on Buxr lately were HD DVD deals.

In the long run, the picture looks not good at all. There will be less and less movies released since the relative market share of HD DVD owners will keep shrinking and it will become impractical for the media companies to do so. Without movies your HD DVD player becomes a dead box.

If you own an HD DVD player - tough luck. Maybe you can still eBay it out for a fraction of the price. If you don’t own one - avoid buying it no matter how good the price may seem. Whatever you spend on it will be wasted money.

Photo via DB Techno

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