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Price Comparison Site – Review

Wanting to pick a site to review, I referred to the latest revision of Yan’s Popular Price Comparison Sites series and found that went up in traffic by 59%. But on going to the website, I could not find anything about price comparison, but about IRead (totally not about shopping), their Facebook application. Googling found this link, which talks about a lawsuit and other issues. Summarizing quickly, UGenie (allegedly) happily ripped (scrapped) off another website gig’s of data to build a course textbook search engine. Though scrapping is done very often, Ugenie has scrapped from a single source very valuable data worth a lot of human hours (details about courses and their linked textbooks). And now UGenie is gone. However inner links like this are working.

Now again wanting to pick a site to review, I picked the youngest baby among the latest revision of Yan’s Popular Price Comparison Sites series, is actually the second youngest in the list (next to ugenie, which should no more be in the list) and the second best performer last month (30%, again next to’s 59%).

First look at the home page (this is the first time I have ever been to the site): looks different compared to most popular price comparison sites. A quick read on the home page suggests that “search” is their strength. So, I am going to try the same set of searches I tried on PriceGrabber and Cnet Shopper.

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