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Dozen roses in time for Valentine’s Day

I hope this time around I will do it the right way. Instead of hectically rushing from store to store on February 14, I will order my flowers online ahead of time. Thanks to Dave who sent me this great tip I don’t have to waste my time figuring out who offers the best deal!

The folks at Judysbook have called 143 florists (14 national, and 129 in 27 metro areas) and asked what would it cost to get that dozen of long-stemmed roses delivered on Valentine’s Day.

Here are 10 finalists serving nationally (sorted by price as of January 15). For the complete list and for local deals in your area go to Valentine’s Day Roses at Judysbook.

Florist Phone Price
ProFlowers (800) 580-2913 $39.98
Kabloom N/A $49.99
FTD (800) SEND-FTD $59.99
American Blooms (800) 416-6554 $59.99
Flower Store N/A $59.99
1800Flowers (800) FLOWERS $59.99 N/A $63.99
Flower Delivery N/A $63.99
Just Flowers (800) 597-4489 $63.99
Hallmark Flowers N/A $69.95

Update: If you are looking for a really hot deal, follow this link to order TWO dozen roses AND a vase for $39.99 $49.99

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