This is a collection of home grown tools aimed at making bargain hunting more efficient. Feel free to browse them — they are free to use for everyone. – Shop & Save, Share & Earn - Shop & Save, Share & Earn

There are two ways to use (1) Browse hand-picked deals in the shopping section and save money buying stuff. (2) Share your hot deals with us and win daily and monthly contests. We love bargain hunting, we love sharing hot deals and we want you to experience this great feeling as well!

DealsCloud – See What is Popular Today

DealsCloud - See What is Popular Today

Use DealsCloud to get an idea of what is popular on FatWallet and SlickDeals forums. This simple tool scans all postings every hour and extracts keywords from the posting titles. The keywords that correspond to more popular postings have higher weight. The popularity is determined based on how many people viewed the forum posting in the past 2 hours.

WiredDeals – Advanced Bargain Hunting

WiredDeals - Advanced Bargain Hunting

Use WiredDeals if you need more advanced functionality. This tool parses feed from FatWallet and SlickDeals forums every 15 minutes and aggregates the postings into a single view. In the heart of the tool is the ability to view postings sorted by rating. It is possible to do so because both forums allow their registered users to vote postings up and down.

Amazon Discount Codes

DealsCloud - See What is Popular Today

This is not a separate tool but rather a blog post with multiple links to the Amazon store. The links are categorized by department and will select Amazon merchandise discounted by 90%, 80%, etc. If you feel really adventurous you can use these instructions to build your own Amazon links, or to fine tune the results (e.g. sort by price or filter out the affiliated stores).